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Dec 4, 2010

Google sắp mở Chrome Web Store

Đang code thì nhận được email từ team Chrome/Chromium. Như vậy là Google sắp tung ra chiêu mới: Web Store, để chọn đường cho việc kinh doanh apps trên Chrome OS sau này. Các bạn tập tành viết app dần đi, sắp bán được rồi đấy ^^.

Upcoming Launch of the Chrome Web Store


Thank you for developing for Google Chrome. These last few months, our team has been hard at work, preparing for the Chrome Web Storelaunch later this year. Extensions and themes for Google Chrome will be part of this new store. With this email we wanted to inform you of some upcoming developments and changes in the extensions gallery and how you can best prepare the items you have listed in the gallery for the upcoming launch.

  1. We have updated our guidelines for extension and theme creative assets: We recommend you to produce all the creative materials described in our docs. These are currently available only to apps developers but the same guidelines will apply to all items listed in the store once we launch. So, if you get these prepared now, you are going to be ready when the store launches. For those of you with complex extensions, we also highly recommend investing some time in preparing videos and slideshows, describing how your extensions work.

  1. Double-check our branding policies: If you are using Google trademarks and brand names to describe your items, please take a moment to re-read our branding policies to help you avoid common mistakes.

  1. Verify your listed items using Google’s Webmaster Tools: This new feature allows you to associate your website with the items you have posted in the store. This will make users more comfortable trying them out. Access this feature at the developer dashboard.

  1. Set up your Google Checkout merchant account and associate it with your developer account: If you are located in the US and want to sell apps and eventually extensions or themes through the store, you’ll need to register for a Google Checkout merchant account. You can find more information on this new help article.

  1. Make your extensions more discoverable: We will be launching a robust system of extensions categories in the gallery. You now have the option to classify your extension in up to three of these categories through the developer dashboard. This will help your extension be discovered by users who will be browsing the pages for each category.

Thank you again for making Google Chrome a better browser.

The Google Chrome Extensions team